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The Hambleton Project
1112 N.E. 21st Ave,
Suite #5
Portland, Oregon 97232
[email protected]

About the Hambleton Project

This volunteer organization is based in Portland, Oregon. The Hambleton Project formed in support for, and in honor of Sharon Hambleton, and continues to invite lesbians with cancer and other life threatening conditions, their partners, family, friends and caregivers to call us for assistance or information.  The Project's services are discreet and free. Contact the Hambleton project at: 503-335-6591 or send email. Read more about the history and philosophy of HP.

The Hambleton Project is supported by donations and services are provided by volunteers.

Volunteer Opportunities

We are actively seeking volunteers to serve on our board and other committees. Please call (503) 335-6591or email the office for more information about these opportunities.


The Hambleton Project is a non-profit organization providing education, advocacy, and client services to lesbians with cancer and other life threatening conditions, and their caregivers. The Project's services are discreet and free Your financial support makes these services possible. Please send donations to:

The Hambleton Project
1112 N.E. 21st, Suite #5
Portland, Oregon 97232

Bereavement and Support Groups in Portland and Salem
Grief is not linear, and does not follow a calendar.

Other Services

Pool Services, Flooring Services, Hardwood Flooring, Vinyl Flooring

HP offers grief and support groups for lesbians and women who partner with women. You do not have to be a member of the Hambleton Project, and the groups are offered at no charge. Call the HP office for information about either of these groups; find more information on our page, Client Services

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